About the Book

“God? I can’t feel him, touch him, see him, or hear him, so how can he be, and what could he ever want with me?” Illegitimate, poor, bi-racial in 1960s America – searching for an identity and unconditional love. As she recalls a childhood trauma and hair straightening “torture” sessions, we feel her heartache, pain, and sense of not being good enough. A critical choice leads her down a path of self-destruction as she denies her authentic self in search of wealth and worthiness. Fleeing to Australia, suffering a dysfunctional marriage, battling with alcohol, drugs, sugar, and relationships with all the wrong men, it’s a chance meeting with a long lost friend that is her saving grace. His belief in her music and God’s purpose for her life leads her on a journey to salvation, devastating loss, and ultimately, Perfect Love.

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